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In October 2007 the Tennessee Board of Regents entered into an agreement with the Education Trust, along with nineteen other higher education systems, to study student access and success in higher education. Additional partner organizations for this agreement include the National Association of System Heads, Lumina, and the Gates Foundation. The goal of this partnership is to improve overall student success for minorities and low-income students by closing college-going and achievement gaps that exist for these traditional underserved populations. As the first step in this study, the Tennessee Board of Regents provided the Education Trust with aggregate student data from the 2005-06 academic year. In 2009, the second full-year of this partnership, the Education Trust gave feedback to the board in the form of a series of tables.


The brief below presents a summary of the major points of the data study performed by the Education Trust and TBR. In addition to the brief, the summary tables provided by the Education Trust are available. Accompanying these tables is a document that lists pertinent definitions along with some notes and cautions about the data.


Please follow the link to view the Education Trust website, which includes an Access to Success brochure.


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