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External Influences

In addition to data about the students, faculty, and institutions which make up the Tennessee Board of Regents, it is also necessary to review data about external influences which will affect the future of the board's mission. This page reviews data about state funding for higher education and how it compares to other states, and also examines population projections for age 18-24 year olds in Tennessee. Finally, the page examines pertinent county level data about the population of Tennessee.

State Appropriations
This chart shows two-year and ten-year percent increases in state appropriations by Tennessee, SREB states, and all states.

Change in Appropriations: 1998 to 2008

Population Trends
The US Census projects population trends. This chart shows population trends for the traditional college going age population in Tennessee.

Age 18-24 Projected Population: 2005 to 2015

Education Attainment
One factor that affects higher education attainment is the percentage of the population with at least a high school diploma.

Adults with High School Diploma: 2007

The per capita income of the population in Tennessee is a valuable measure for determining if college is an affordable option.

Per Capita Personal Income: 2007

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