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Student Success Key Priority

Increasing the number of citizens with diplomas, certificates, and degrees is a critical area of focus for the TBR system. Fostering greater success of students to persist and complete credentials and degrees enhances the viability of academic programs, the growth of existing businesses and the ability to attract new high paying industries to the state. Measures of student success can be improved by continuing to work with Tennessee high schools through P-16 agreements and dual credit and dual enrollment programs; increasing student success in the areas of developmental studies, e-learning, and the Teaching Quality Initiative; fostering student engagement and persistence through effective support services, co-curricular activities, and faculty-guided research and mentoring; and optimizing new technologies to enhance teaching, research, service and learning.

Student Success Goals

  1. The TBR System and its institutions will develop and implement programs and methodologies to enhance student persistence to the completion of the post-secondary credential or degree.
  2. The TBR System and its institutions will increase the number of students who complete a post-secondary credential including diplomas, certificates, undergraduate and graduate degrees.


Tennessee Board of Regents, Office of Academic Affairs: 2009